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"Dixieland Jazz and GENEALOGY"
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notes52.gifMusic, Pictures and other fun Jazz related things!notes52.gif
Our Dixieland Jazz page!
The Sea of Cortez-M.S.Zaandam cruise and other pictures.
Links and lots of other pictures!

GENEALOGYgenicon_tree2[1].gifJack's "van Wingerden" information!genicon_tree2[1].gifGENEALOGY

GENEALOGYgenicon_tree2[1].gifEvelyn's "Davis and Johnson" Genealogy!genicon_tree2[1].gifGENEALOGY

GENEALOGY"Parenteel van Steven Stevens Wij(n)gaerden"genicon_tree2[1].gifGENEALOGY
dutchfl.gif Jack's "Voorouders"In de Nederlandse taal,terug tot, 1600!dutchfl.gif

GENEALOGYgenicon_tree2[1].gifJack's Grandmother"Braat Genealogy" back to 1300!genicon_tree2[1].gifGENEALOGY
In English and Nederlands!

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