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Included in this is the connection between Braat and van Wingerden
that took place in the 10th Braat generation.

The names Braat, Braet, Braats, Braets, Braad and Braadt appeared in the 14th and 15th Century and possibly earlier in our country (the Netherlands). The spelling depended on how anyone wrote down the name that had been passed on orally.; Thus: a Braet could be a brother of a Braat, Braets or Braats.

In about 1300 a Pieter Braats lived in the township of Leuven (Louvain). Descendants of this Braats were mentioned in the annals of Dordrecht in the 17th century. One Adriaan Braats (1689-1747) was Lord of Geervliet, Simonshaven and Biert. One Hendrik Braats (1702-41) and one Jacob Adriaan Braats (1733-80) were Lords of Spijkenisse and Brabant. This Jacob was the last of his generation to carry the name Braats.

In Strijen members of the Braet generation appeared quite early. We come across various Braets toward the end of the 15th century in Strijen: Claes Jan Braetsz. (Claes Braet) Sheriff of Strijen in 1478/79. Snel Jan Braetsz. Sheriff of Strijen 1487/88. Huge Braet viceregent of the bailiff in Strijen 1470. In 1482 we find Daem Braet, and in 1509 a Jan Braet is mentioned. Also, at the end of the 15th century, we find two Braets in Dubbeldam (now incorporated in Dordrecht), namely Arnout Braet Pietersz. (1493) and Pieter Braet Danielsz. (1494). They received "10 gold Andriesguilders as a loan".

Earlier, in the Brabant town of Drimmelen, there was in 1348 one Hugo Braet, owner of "2 hont 33 schaft of land". In the grave-record books of Delft, in 1367 one Symon Braet is mentioned.

In 1639 one Mees Jantsz Braet moved from Vlaardingen to Hillegersberg, where he married. His descendants moved to Poortugaal (suburb of Rotterdam) at the end of the 17th century, and from there to Maassluis. At the end of the 18th century this family spread out over the Netherlands.

In the 18th century one could find Braets on the island of Walcheren. The oldest known Braet was Cornelis. He was born around 1748 in Oostsouburg. Where he came from and who his parents were can no longer be found, because a large amount of books (archives) were lost in Middleburg during WW2 in May of 1940.

In Overijsel there were Braats, who starting in 1812, called themselves Braad. They were descendent to a certain Wicher Hans, who in 1750 married in Oldemark. Nothing is known about him or his forefathers.

The Braat Coat of Arms is found on a gravestone, as well as on a stained glass window in the Dutch Reformed Church in Oostvoorne, showing: "In blue 3 silver crested pigeons, the mantle silver blue". The caption: on the gravestone, "Lord Jacobus Braet, vicelord of Sevender, etc.,etc., anno 1745". The same arms are carried by Adrianus Braet, Secretary to Oostvoorne, Rugge and Oosterland in 1744 as indicated on the church window.

In the 16th century there was a farmer, Adriaen Braet, who lived in Spijkenisse. He had a son Claes, Sheriff of Spijkenisse, who died abt. 1612. In the Dutch Reformed Church in Spijkenisse, we find the following epitaph: "Here lies buried Claes Adriaansz. Braet, he died on March 2nd 16..".

This Claes was married to Maertge Jacobs. They were progenitors of a distinguished generation, among whose descendants were the aforementioned Jacobus and Adrianus. This generation became extinct in 1855 in Oosterhout.

Maertge Jacobs, Claes Adriaenesz. Braet’s widow in 1617 married Gabriel Claesz., a Sheriff-colleague of Claes Adriaensz Braet. Gabriel Claesz. probably was the son of Claes Gabrielsz.

Maertge Jacobs was the second wife of Gabriel Claesz. Of his first marriage were born two sons: Claes (the Elder) and Jacobus, aka: Schelhouk.The marriage of Gabriel Claesz. and Maertge Jacobs produced one son, namely Claes. The fact that children in one family carried identical names occurred frequently in those days. They were indicated as "the Elder"or "the Younger". Thus Claes was given the surname "Claes the Younger". Later one finds written about Claes: "Also named Claes Braet" reference to his mother’s first husband; or was his fathers name also Braat? However, the second son of Gabriel Claesz. called himself Jacob Gabriels Schelhouck.

Claes the Younger kept his surname Braet and passed it on to his children. And so a new family Braet was created. Maertge Jacobs was an exceptional woman; ancestor to two Braet families, one extinct, the other numerously alive.


1. Claes Gabrielsz. lived in Spijkenisse, died before Nov. 30, 1603, married Beatris Cornelis. She died after Jan. 30, 1603. From this union, in non-sequence:

1. Gabriel Claesz. follows II. 2 Cornelis Claesz.


II. Gabriel Claesz. He was Sheriff of Spijkenisse and died before Feb. 4, 1627. He married 1st, Jannetje Jacobs, she died Aug. 16, 1612 in Spijkenisse. He married 2nd Maertge Jacobs, daughter of Jacob Corvijns. She was born abt. 1580 and died on Feb. 6, 1654 in Spijkenisse. She already was the widow of Claes Adriaensz. Braet and married Mattheus Beyensz., alderman-sheriff of Hekelingen, after the death of Gabriel Claesz.

From the first marriage of Gabriel Claesz.:

1. Claes Gabriels the Elder. He married Ariaentje Claes Braet, daughter of Claes Adriaensz. Braet and Maertge Jacobs. 2. Ermpje Gabriels, she married, 1st Adraen Louwen van der Schoor, alderman of Klaaswaal, son of Lourens Cornelisz. and Sytje Hendriks. She married 2nd Arie Cornelisz. Cluyt. 3. Jacob Gabrielsz. Schelhouck, married 1st, Maertge (or Aryaentge) Borrus, she was the widow of Jacob Thonis Magerpaert. He married 2nd, Jannetge Gabriels Koijer, she was the widow of Claes Jansz. He married 3rd, Ariaantje Willems Bleijker, she was later married to Huich Barents van der Clock. 4. Jannetje Gabriels, married Arijen Jans Koekendorp, both died before July 28, 1642.

From the second marriage:

5. Claes Gabriels the Younger "a.k.a. Claes Braet" follows III. 6. Beatris Gabiels, baptized in Spijkenisse on June 12, 1628, married Dierck Ariens, bachelor, from Abbebroek on Aug. 31, 1636 in Spijkenisse.


III. Claes Gabriels Braet died in Hekelingen prior to Sept. 9, 1659. He married 1st, Neeltje Hendricx. He married 2nd, Catalijntje Jaques Verhulp, born in Putten who died after Mar. 26, 1683 in Zuidland. Catalijntje was the daughter of Jacques Mattheus Verhulp and Lijdewij Cornelis Schaepsboer. Catalijntje married 2nd in Hekkelingen to Jan Jansse Blijvenburg. The latter married 2nd to Teuntje Jans Lakenkoper. She also marries again, namely to Claes Gabriels Braet. (No. IV of this genealogy)

From the first marriage:

1. Anneken, baptized in Spijkenisse on Mar. 16, 1639. 2. Neeltje, born in Spijkenisse circa 1640. In 1660, she married in Hekelingen, 1st, Mattheus Jacques Verhulp, her stepmothers brother. In 1673, in Hekelingen she married 2nd, Willem Leendert Herweijer, Sheriff of Hekelingen.
3. Beatris, baptized in Spijkenisse on Mar. 29, 1643.
4. Annetje, baptized in Hekelingen on Dec. 3, 1655,died in 1718.

From the second marriage:

5. Gabriel Claes , follows IV. 6. Maertje, baptized in Hekelingen on June 27, 1655, twin to Gabriel. She married Jan Cornelisse Blijvenburg, cousin (?nephew?)* of Jan Jansse Blijvenburg (see III). 7.Claes Claesse, baptized in Hekelingen on Nov. 9, 1659, died in Biert before 1708. He married 1st, Marijtje Ariens, and 2nd, Elisabeth Cornelis Bosschieter. Claes had 6 children.

* In the Netherlands language one’s sibling’s child is called: (male) neef, (female) nicht. The same titles are also used for one’s aunt’s , or uncle’s children. (i.e.: cousins).


IV. Gabriel Claesz., baptized in Hekelingen on Jun. 27, 1655, twin to Maertje. He is Sheriff of Oud Beijerland and dies on Mar. 27, 1719. He married 1st, Jannechie Jans Schuddebeurs in Hekelingen. She was born in Simonshaven, and died between 1687 and 1690 in Oud- Beijerland. On Mar. 26, 1690, in Oud-Beijerland, he married 2nd, Teuntje (Trijntje) Jans Lakenkoper, born circa 1643, who died before May 15, 1692 in Nieuwe Uitslag van Putten.

From the first marriage of Gabriel Claesz. Braat

1. Claes Gabriels, follows V. 2. Jan, baptized on Apr. 8, 1683 in Oud-Beijerland, appears to have died young. 3. Catalijntje, baptized on Apr. 8, 1685 in Oud-Beijerland, died on Apr. 14, 1731 in Poortugaal (see par. 5, page 1). She married Gillis Cornelisz. Tempelaar on Feb. 23, 1710 in Hekelingen. 4. Geertruy, baptized on Feb 9, 1687 and married Leendert Herpens Trouw on Dec. 5, 1706 in Hekelingen.


V. Claes Gabriels Braet, baptized in Oud Beijerland on Dec. 3/8, 1680, and died on Jun. 10, 1723. He married in Hekelingen in 1715 (Banns,Dec. 1, 1715) to Leentje Verry, baptized in Hekelingen on Dec. 30, 1685 and died there on Oct. 1, 1763. She is a daughter of Maarten Jacobse Verry and Annetje Ariens Goudswaart. Leentje remarried in 1732 to Ary Ariensz. Suydervelt. From this marriage:

1. Gabriel, baptized in Hekelingen on Oct. 4, 1716, 2. Jannetje, baptized in Hekelingen on Jan. 23, 1718, 3. Maarten, follows VI.


VI. Maarten Braet, born in Hekelingen in 1720 and died there on Oct. 27, l804. He married Reijna Rosmolen on May 15, 1746 in Spijkenisse. She was baptized in Spijkenisse on Sept.16, 1724 and died in Hekelingen on Oct. 20, 1803. Reijna was a daughter of Leendert Claesse Rosmolen and Sijtje Pieters Cuyper. Children:

1. Klaas, follows VII. 2. Sietje, baptized in Hekelingen on Dec. 10, 1747, appears to have died young. 3. Leendert, baptized in Hekelingen on Dec. 22, 1748, he "Very suddenly died" on Jan. 24, 1824 in Spijkenisse. He married: 1st, to Zoetje van Driel, on June 10, 1770 in Heinenoord. She was a daughter of Joost Sanderse van Driel and Aaltje Bastiaans Moerkerken. He married: 2nd, to Lena van Beek, on Oct. 14, 1781 in Spijkenisse. He married: 3rd, to Ariaantje Poel, (see VI. 9) on Nov. 4, 1783 in Spijkenisse. He married his 4th wife, Jannetje Hoogstad, on Jan. 2, 1791 in Spijkenisse.
Leendert had 10 children by these wives.
4 . Leentje, baptized in Hekelingen, on Dec.13, 1750, died in Bergschenhoek on May 19, 1834. She married Pieter Arends Schuddebeurs on Dec. 4, 1774 in Hekelingen. 5. Maarten, born in Hekelingen on Feb. 18, 1753, died there on Jan. 24, 1835. He was: Dike-Reeve, Sheriff and Relieving-officer. He married: 1st, Lysbeth Jans Vermaat, and his 2nd wife was Maartje Izakse Vermaat. Maarten had 11 children. 6. Pieter, born in Hekelingen on Feb. 2, 1755, died unmarried on Aug. 29 , 1831 in Spijkenise. 7. Jannetje, baptized in Hekelingen Aug. 14, 1757, died there on Dec. 10, 1782. She married Jan Philipse Vermaat on May 19, 1776 in Hekelingen. 8. Sietje, born in Hekelingen in 1796, died in Poortugaal on Oct. 5, 1846. She married Andries Willem Hoog(er)werf, widower of Cornelia Blom. 9. Annetje, baptized in Hekelingen on Mar. 8, 1761, died in Spijkenisse on Jun. 28, 1827. She married Ary van Koppe, a farmer. He was a son of Ary Koppe and Ariaantje Poels. (Ariaantje remarried to Leendert Braat, see VI, 3) l0. Pleuntje, baptized in Hekelingen on Sept. 18, 1763, died in Spijkenisse on Mar. 7, 1827. She married Wouter van Driel in 1791.


VII. Klaas Braat baptized in Hekelingen on Nov. 24, 17?, died there on Dec. 4, 1828. He married Jaapje van Driel, daughter of Joost Sanderse van Driel and Aaltje Bastiaans van Moerkerken. Jaapje is a sister of Zoetje van Driel (seeVI. 3).

From the marriage of Klaas and Jaapje the following children:

1. Reina, baptized in Hekelingen on Oct. 17, 1773, died in Overschie on Apr. 22 , 1837. 2. Joost, baptized in Hekelingen on Apr. 30, 1775, died there in 1798. 3. Maarten, follows VIII. 4. Aaltje, baptized in Hekelingen on Aug. 1, 1779 and married there to Bastiaan Aryz. van Bockhoven, son of Ary Aarts van Bockhoven and Marietje Bastiaans de Raad. 5. Jannetje, baptized in Hekelingen on Oct. 20, 1782, died there in 1782. 6. Jacob born in Hekelingen on Jan. 14/18, 1784, died in Rotterdam. He was a farmer, and married Arentje de Geus. From this marriage 7 children. 7. Margrieta Elandia, born in Hekelingen on Mar. 11, 1786. She married Cornelis de Raat on July 29, 1812 in Hekelingen. 8. Leendert, baptized in Hekelingen on Mar. 11, 1787, died there on May 28, 1787. 9. Leendert, born in Hekelingen in 1788, died in Bergschehoek on Feb. 7, 1854. He was a farmer and was married to Teuna Arenza Gorzeman. From this marriage 13 children, 7 of whom died young.


VIII. Maarten Braat, baptized in Hekelingen on Mar. 30, 1777, died in Overschie on Jan. 18, 1827. He married Jannetje Pleuntie de Raat on Apr. 30, 1808 in Hekelingen. She is the daughter of Pleun Bastiaan de Raat and Francina Philips Vermaat. From this marriage:

1. Klaas, baptized in Overschie on Aug. 28, 1808, died there on Dec. 21, 1808. 2. Pleun, born in Overschie on Feb. 17, 1809, died in Hazerwoude on Sept. 1, 1874. He was farmer by trade, and married Neeltje van de Wilk in Overschie on Apr. 3, 1842. From this marriage, 7 children. 3. Japie, born in Overschie on Dec. 30, 1812, died there on May 7, 1836. 4. Francina, born in Overschie on Dec. 30, 1812, died there on May 4, l874. She married Cornelis Laay on Apr. 5, 1846 in Overschie. 5. Klaas, born in Overschie on Mar. 6, 1814, died there on Mar. 30, 1826. 6.Aaltje, born in Overschie on July 10, 1815, died there on Apr. 20, 1875. She married: 1st Pieter Hoogerbrugge, who was a farmer. She married: 2nd Johannes Hoogerbrugge, also a farmer, and Pieter's brother. 7. Jan, born in Overschie on Oct. 9, 1815, died on Sept. 30, 1853 in IJsselmonde. He was a carpenter/innkeeper and married to Maria Jacoba van Leeuwen. From this marriage 4 children. 8. Joost, born in Overschie on Dec. 5, 1818, died there on May 8, 1854. He married Antje van den Berg and had 5 children. 9. Pleuntje, born in Overschie on Jan. 25, 1820, died on Feb. 6, 1912 in Vrijenban. She married Dirk van der Kooy, a farmer. 10. Leendert follows IX. 11. Philip, born in Overschie on June 30, 1823 and died there on Jun. 23, 1827. In the death-register he was recorded as Philip Braad.


IX. Leendert, was born in Overschie on Dec. 2, 1821. He was a farmer by trade, and died in Pijnacker on Jan. 17, 1885. He married Lijntje Hoogerwaard in Nieuwkerk a/d IJssel on June 26, 1861. Lijntje, daughter of Paulus and Neeltje van Dam, was born in Nieuwkerk a/d IJssel, on Oct. 21, 1834 and died in Delft on Oct. 12, 1899. Lijntje later remarried, to Cornelis Noteboom.
Leendert and Lijntje had 7 children :


1. **Jannetje Braat, born in Berkel en Rodenrijs, on June 16 1862, died in Overschie (Rotterdam) on June 19 1947. She married Jacob Gerrit van Wingerden on Apr.12, 1884 in Pijnacker. Jacob Gerrit van Wingerden, the son of Dirk van Wingerden and Elisabeth IJdo, was born in Naaldwijk on Nov. 7, 1852, and died in Rotterdam on Oct. 11, 1929.
His occupation at the time of marriage was listed as "Scheeps-expert" ("Maritime Insurance Adjuster").
Jacob and Jannetje had 8 children, namely:
Dirk Leendert van Wingerden (1884-1961). Unmarried.
Lydia Elisabeth van Wingerden (1886-1973). She married Berend Marwitz on 23 Dec. 1908.
Elizabeth Cornelia Maria van Wingerden (1888-1962). She married Hendrikus Gerardus Cornelius Beijleveldt on 13 Oct 1909.
Helene Jacoba van Wingerden (1889-1902). She died at age 13.
Jeannette Henriette van Wingerden (1890-1891). She died at the age of 6 months.
Johanna Jacoba Gerarda van Wingerden (1893-1944) She married Gerrit van Os on 14 Sep 1916.
Hendrik Paul van Wingerden (1895-1953). He married Jacoba Wilhelmina van 't Hoff on 17 Sep 1924.
Cornelia Charlotte Louise van Wingerden (1898-1944). She married Fransciscus Moret on March 13 1924.

2. Paulus Braat, born in Berkel en Rodenrijs on Jan. 23, 1864, he was a Tuinder-koopman (market-gardener), and died in Pijnacker on June 13, 1938. He married Pleuntje de Raadt on Aug. 21, 1889 in Vrijenban. Pleuntje, daughter of Pleun and Anna Huisman , was born in Overschie on Feb. 4, 1866 and died in Pijnacker on Jul. 18, 1936. They had 8 children.
3. Maarten Braat born in Berkel en Rodenrijs on June 27, 1867, butcher, died in Voorburg on Dec. 9, 1934. He married 1st Helena Prins on Apr. 28, 1897 in den Hague. She was the daughter of Albertus Jacobus and Helena van Olst, she was born in den Hague on Feb. 28, 1872 and she died there on Dec. 25, 1944. Maarten married 2nd Elske Meyer on Apr. 20, 1904 in den Hague. She was born there on Sept. 18, 1878 and died in Voorburg on July 2, 1944. She was the daughter of Thomas and Johanna van der Horst. They had 2 children, From the 1st marriage; Aleida Helena born in de Hague, Apr. 2, 1898, died Jan. 19, 1974 in Rotterdam. She married Franciscus Cornelis Bouman , Director of the Holland Amerika Lijn, who was born in den Hague on Apr. 16, 1890, and died in Rotterdam on Jan. 30, 1950. He was the son of Cornelis and Anna Elisabeth Pauwels. From the 2nd marriage, Johanna Elske, Jan. 20, 1905- May 26, 1905.
4. Neeltje Braat, born in Berkel en Rodenrijs on Mar. 8, 1870, died in den Hague on Apr. 4, 1962. She married 1st, Gillis Maatje, born in Delft on Jul. 28, 1852, son of Albertus Hendricus and Neeltje Kalisvaart. (Divorced in Pijnacker on Dec. 30, 1915). She married 2nd in Rotterdam on May 7, 1919 to Rocus Michael Constandse, born in Rhoon on Apr 19, 1884. (They divorced, in Rotterdam on Aug. 11, 1948). He was the son of Willem and Maria Molenaar . No children listed.
5. Pleun Braat, born in Pijnacker on Sept. 4, 1874 died in den Hague on Dec. 31, 1928. He was a "Spekslager" (pork butcher), and married Cornelia Catharina Johanna Arkesteijn in den Hague on May 11, 1904. She was the daughter of Cornelis Nicolaas and Catherina Fransisca Paulina Vierling. Cornelia was born in den Hague on Apr. 30, 1979 and died there on July 7, 1950. They had 3 children.
6. Leendert Braat, born in Pijnacker on May 4, 1879 died in Voorburg on Jul. 5, 1964. He was an East-Indies Official, and married Elisabeth Agema in den Helder on Dec. 17, 1903. She was the daughter of Jan and Helena Bastiaanse, born in den Helder on June 6, 1885 and died in Voorburg on May 26 1968. They had 1 child.
7. Lijntje Francina Braat, born In Pijnacker on Aug. 22, 1881 died in den Hague on Oct. 13, 1956. She was married in den Hague on Sept. 1, 1910 to Gerardus Theodorus Hermanus Mulder. He was born in den Hague on July 24, 1880 and died there on Jan. 16, 1966. He was a referendary for the department for the maintenance of ways and waterworks, and the son of Theodorus and Maria Stokman. Two children,a boy and a girl.

Translation into English was performed in the year 2000,
by Joan W. Morrison (van Wingerden), and by Jack G. van Wingerden.
They are the Granddaughter and Grandson of Tenth Generation
**Jannetje Braat, 1862-1947 and Jacob Gerrit van Wingerden, 1852-1929.

Source: Among others: Lynel Braat of Portland, Oregon, USA.
Genealogy Braat ( M. C. Braat~Epe~1979)


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