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The Fat Babies
We just recently,for the first time, heard of, and saw this J.B at the San Diego Thanksgiving Jazz Festival!
They impressed us so much, that when we heard that they were going to be featured on a cruise to Alaska with "Jazzdagen" this June (2015) , we signed up to go although it will be our 3rd cruise in that direction but always wonderful!
Check out the band website by clicking on their picture, and than click on "Jazzdagen" to see their brochure where you can sign up for both this cruise , and the Lacey (Olympia)Jazz festival! Hope to see you there :-)
Kristin Korb
We had the great pleasure of being on a "Jazzdagen" cruise through the Sea of Cortez with Kristin. She played her Bass and sang with all the musicians and ran all over the ship with her Bass going from one venue to the next. Her talent and bubbly personality were some of the many highlights of the cruise!
Check her story/schedule/recording's on her website here or by clicking her picture that I took while she was running to her next gig.
square5.gifCoronet Chop Suey

During a Hawaiian Cruise with "Jazzdagen",
I tried to teach Brian how to say
"I like Donuts"
in Dutch!

(ick how vaughn donuts)
I donut know if he ever did sing it in Dutch but maybe you will hear it in,
"Mr. Donut Blues" ,if you buy their CD "Coronet Chop Suey alive"
You can do that by going in to their delightful website!
Coronet Chop
square5.gif"Dixie Express Jazz Band".
Check their "BRAND NEW" Website and their new CD!
"Dixie Express Jazz Band".
See and hear them Wednesday's 6-8 pm
5500 Grossmont Center Drive La Mesa, California!
Great sound & lots of fun!
Click here for info!
square5.gif The Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra!
"San Diego's Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra was founded in early 2005 by cornetist and author Bruce Vermazen and pianist Bob Pinsker, originally to provide accompaniment for ragtime-era events by the San Diego Vintage Dancers. The ensemble, co-led by Pinsker and Vermazen, first played for the Vintage Dancers in April 2005 and has been a success from the start. Many of the original members of the eleven-piece ensemble were drawn from the Hillcrest Wind Ensemble, a well-regarded concert band. The Heliotrope's tuba player, John Winkelman, is the director of the Hillcrest group, and Vermazen, Fernando Herrera (flute and piccolo), and budding writer Patrick McMahon (tenor sax) are also Hillcrest colleagues. Rounding out the roster are professional violinists Cheryl and Daniel Swem, the celebrated Dixieland trombonist Alan Adams, and three recent recruits: Ed Henson (cornet), Everett Crouse (clarinet), and Ed Ducharme (drums)."
square5.gif Who else but the "Nightbloomers!

"The Nightbloomers are certainly one of the most popular band's right here in the greater Los Angeles area despite some awesome competition. Not only does leader Chet Jaeger put on a fine line of patter, but practically the whole band sings. The band is in constant demand. Despite that, the band finds plenty of time to play locally and very graciously for charities and jazz club dates. One specialty of the band is spirituals and hymns. Despite the old jokes, spontaneous nuttiness and musical spoofs, the band puts out jazz of very high quality. No hour or so is better spent than enjoying the Nightblooming Jazzmen." !

katie.gif - 5034 Bytes-----DID I MENTION I PLAY BANJO?

katie2Her Brand New CD Who's Foolin' Who?
is now available at:CD BABY.COM AND iTunes!

"The Jazz Rascals"

See them and hear them here!
The website of the ,
RoyalGarden.jpg - 58149 Bytes

They call themself,

"The "Phinest" Dixieland Band South of the Mason Dixon Line and East of the great Mississippi! ".
Yes, it's North Florida's favorite, bringing you the best music of all time.

From Arcadia California!

The South Burgundy Street Jazz Band (SBSJB) is fast becoming a Dixieland Jazz Festival favorite in Southern California, Arizona, & Canada. Seeking to create a festival oriented band, Mike Olson was able to recruit innovative musicians who not only are excellent musically but consummate performers who draw their audience in with high energy Dixieland Jazz standards & oft forgotten chestnuts.
square5.gifBlack Swan Classic Jazz Band
Welcome to the Black Swan Classic Jazz Band's home page.
Black Swan is a fun, artistic group that specializes in Dixieland, early jazz styles, ragtime and old-time gospel. The band loves the hot jazz music of the 1920s and features the sizzling talents of vocalist Marilyn Keller. The ensemble also sports top-notch trumpet, clarinet, trombone, tuba, piano, banjo and drum instrumentalists. Take a few moments and get to know us through our home on the Internet, or email the band members from their individual bios. We'll look forward to meeting you soon at your favorite "happy jazz" event!
square5.gifHigh Sierra Jazz Band!
ONE OF OUR MOST FAVORITES! jazzaffair_small.gif - 3182 Bytes
square5.gifYosemite Jazz Band
High energy, enthusiastic style of traditional and Dixieland jazz music for any event that encourages audiences to stomp their feet, clap their hands and sing along.

Welcome to the Yosemite Jazz Band!
From Austria!
Raika Dixie Band.jpg - 57536 Bytes

"The,Raika Dixie Band"!

From Austria Europe, these 6 Musicians play Dixieland and New Orleans Jazz.
Since the year 2000, they have been honor citizens of New Orleans
square5.gifSt. Louis Stompers Classic Jazz Band

The Lineup, Steve Lilley - Trumpet, Jack Tartar - Drums, Uke, Dave Zink - Bass, Pat Arana - Trombone, Mike Lilley - Clarinet, Dave Majchrzak - Piano!
square5.gifTemp. vacant vacant.
square5.gifRiverside Dixieland Jazz Band The Riverside Dixieland Jazz Band is a 6 piece band that is known for providing an entertaining "Let's have a ball" performance, combined with hard driving, happy, toe tapping dixieland jazz.... and is currently available for bookings....Clubs, Cruises, Concerts, Jazz Festivals etc...Send Email to Enquire about rates & availability !!!
square5.gifSOUTHERN JAZZ A Band,
Kentucky that is!
square5.gifO.T.T. Chicagoosterich.gif Swing


Check out their "GREAT" home site, many, many links , and above all their music!!
square5.gifThe TITANIC JAZZ BAND
Titanic Jazz Band of
Los Angeles!

You have to see them and hear them to believe them!
They are GREAT and FUN!
square5.gif HOTSYTOTSY BOYS\Roaring 20s Reviews
The Audience Becomes A Part of the Show! Experience the enchantment of the Jazz Age. Dance, swoon, and laugh with our cabaret-style show. Featuring: Nannette. Fun for All! Family Entertainment! Professional Sound System! !
square5.gif10TH AVENUE JAZZ BAND
10thaven.gif - 4114 Bytes
Great Band,and outstanding new informative
Web site!
square5.gifBLUE STREET JAZZ Band Ah. what is there to say except great! Besides that, they are so involved in keeping this music alive by helping young people who are interested. I think Sherri was still in high school when we first saw them. The guy's were very protective! (They still are!)
square5.gifTHE JIM CULLUM JAZZBand
Located on the beautiful San Antonio River walk, literally "just across the alley from the Alamo" in the THE LANDING JAZZ CLUB in San Antonio Texas.

(They were closed the day we were there, darn it!)

square5.gif THE CanUS GROUP!
It's HOT JAZZ!! It's DIXIELAND!! It's SWING!! It's RAGTIME!! AND THE BLUES!! New Orleans Jazz With Jazzy Three-Part Harmony Vocals & a Hot Band!
GREAT GROUP!! It is not a Festival if they are not there!
square5.gifDUTCH SWING COLLEGE BANDdutchfl.gif
Not only do they have a great well designed home page, they are a Great band. We were privileged to see them when they toured here years ago!
square5.gif THE GOLDEN GATE

We now have their great CD
Also Check Scott Anthony's home page and his interesting Shareware-Software!
square5.gifThere will be more! !

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