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Blaauw Ende Goudt Trouwe Houdt

van Wingerden


My ancestors in English or Dutch!

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(information in Dutch)
"Parenteel van Steven Stevens Wijgaerden"

Here is where the search started!

*****March 1997*****

Below are some of the names and areas I am researching.
As I progress, names and places will be added.
Hopefully, I will meet other genealogists who are looking for the same forefathers!

Names: van Wingerden, van Wijngaarden, van Straalen, Koppert, van der Eijk, van Vliet, Verboon (van der Boon) Groenewegen, Koli or Kolij, IJdo, Braat, Klapwijk, Hoogerwaard.
They were located in the following Towns in "Het Westland"!
Naaldwijk- Den Hoorn (Schipluiden)-Honselersdijk- De Lier, Rijswijk- Wateringen- Kwintsheul- Berkel en Rodenrijs- Voorburg- Delft- Pijnacker-Stompwijk and later,Vlaardingen and Overschie!

I am also looking for information on, van't Hoff (In Rotterdam) prior to 1700.

Since this page will be updated as I locate new information, please check back often!

Be sure and also check the Genealogy links listed near the bottom of this page!

Well, for starters, my name is Jacob Gerrit van Wingerden born in Rotterdam The Netherlands in 1931.
It could therefore seem obvious to some that I might be interested in researching the name,
"van Wingerden"

Yes, I am interested!
So, here is where the real detective story starts!
*****May 14, 1997*****

I knew that my Grandfather, Jacob Gerrit van Wingerden was born in the community of Naaldwijk in The Netherlands on 7 November, 1852 (He died 11 October, 1929 in Rotterdam).
I also knew that his parents were Dirk van Wingerden and Elisabeth IJdo.
I knew that he married Jannetje Braat in the community of Pijnacker in 1884.
My Grandmother, Jannetje Braat (Daughter of Leendert Braat en Lijntje Hoogerwaard), was born in Berkel en Rodenrijs on 16 June, 1862 (Died 19 June, 1947 in Overschie)

Jacob G. van Wingerden and Jannetje (Braat) van Wingerden had 8 children:

  1. Dirk Leendert born in Naaldwijk 5 September, 1884
  2. Lydia Elisabeth born in Naaldwijk 25 May, 1886
  3. Elisabeth Cornelia Maria born in Naaldwijk 9 January, 1888
  4. Helene Jacoba born in Vlaardingen 14 August, 1889
  5. Jeannette Henrietta born in Vlaardingen 20 October, 1890
  6. Joanna Jacoba Gerarda born in Vlaardingen 4 March, 1893
  7. Hendrik Paul,(My Father) born in Vlaardingen 24 July, 1895
  8. Cornelia Charlotte Louise born in Vlaardingen 8 February, 1898.
Obviously, the family moved from Naaldwijk to Vlaardingen between January 1888, and August 1889, so now to the Vlaardingen archives via the internet!
Since Jacob Gerrit was born in Naaldwijk, it can be assumed that his parents Dirk Leendert van Wingerden and Elisabeth IJdo lived there, may have been married there, or may have also been born there.

**I know nothing about them, so this is where I hopefully start to find out!**

Via films of Naaldwijk archives ordered at the Family History Center of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
, (LDS), I located the wedding records of my Great-Grandparents, Dirk van Wingerden(occupation, markt schipper) and Elizabeth IJdo, who were married in on February 16, 1850.(Naaldwijk akte #2)
On these records, Dirk's parents were listed as Jacob van Wingerden and Maria Groenewegen, both deceased at that time of the wedding *.
Elizabeth's parents were listed as Hendrick IJdo, and Cornelia van der Kleij.
I also found a wedding record for an Antje van Wingerden listed as a Daughter of Jacob van Wingerden and Maria Groenewegen, so I found out that Dirk van Wingerden had a sister, and who his parents were! Dirk was a witness at Antje's wedding to Johannes (Jan) IJdo son of Hendrick IJdo and Cornelia van der Kleij. This wedding took place on May 8 1852 in Naaldwijk!
So I found an other generation of forefathers and now, it's off to find out more about Jacob van Wingerden and Maria Groenewegen ! (circa 1790-1800) I also ordered LDS films to verify the Birth of Jacob Gerrit son of Dirk van Wingerden and Elizabeth IJdo in 1852, just to have that on record, although
I know Jacob Gerrit was my Grandfather!

*****August 8, 1997*****
Well, an other step in the right direction!

Today, I found and copied the Birth certificate of my Grandfather Jacob Gerrit van Wingerden. It provided proof positive that Dirk van Wingerden and Elizabeth IJdo were indeed my Great Grand Parents!
I ended the last episode with " So now, it is off to find out more about Jacob van Wingerden and Maria Groenewegen ! (circa 1790-1800)" and today I found and copied the death record of Jacob who died at age 69 on August 14, 1849 at 8 am. *He is described as the Widower of Maria Groenewegen, and, additionally it states that he was the son of, Dirk van Wingerden and Dirkje Koppert!
"So, I just found the names of my Great Great Great Grand Parents!
Now the search is on for information on Dirk van Wingerden and Dirkje Koppert.
As a side note,in the records located today, I found many birth announcements for ancestors, and sadly, almost as many death notices for them at less than a year old!
Gives you something to think about regarding todays conditions versus theirs!

Well, off to the next search!

*****August 9, 1997*****
Another day, and more ancestors and new information !

*I found the death notice of Maria Groenewegen.
She died at age 69 on August 13 1849, at 9 am, 23 hours before her Husband Jacob!
Reading those records signed by witnesses that long ago, you wonder what happened !
(Later I learned that there was a cholera epidemic in"Het Westland" in 1849, could that have caused their death one day apart?)
Jacob's death notice listed as one of the witnesses a Matthijs Koli or Kolij, a "Son in Law" !
Not being aware of other children besides Dirk and Antje, I checked on that and found an older sister named Dirkje born in 1813 . She and Matthijs Koli had 6 children!
*****August 20, 1997*****

A surprise!

It seems, that for all these years we may have been using the wrong name!
Early indications are that, prior to "van Wingerden",
it was "van Wijngaarden" or "van Wijngaerden"!
We have been living under false pretences all these years I guess.
But don't blame me, as this took place in the 1700 to 1800's!

*****October 1, 1997*****

Well, I dug up some more relatives! :-)

A special thanks to Internet Genealogy friend Jan Rienstra who found the following information in the Archives in The Hague Holland.

First of all, some additional information regarding Jacob van Wingerden and Maria Groenewegen who are listed above! Jacob, was Baptized in Naaldwijk on July 17 1780, and died there in about 1849 at age 69. He married Maria at age 21 on October 9th 1801. Maria's full name was Maria Pieterse Groenewegen. In addition to their listed 3 children, Dirkje, Dirk, and Antje, there was Pieter, born in Naaldwijk on July 3 1813, and Johanna born in Naaldwijk on July 11 1820. She died there at the young age of 51 days on August 31.
Now back to where we left off when I said,
" So, I just found the names of my Great Great Great Grand Parents!
So the search is now on for Dirk van Wingerden and Dirkje Koppert.

Dirk van Wingerden, Baptized in Naaldwijk on December 9 1742, lived in Wateringen and died between 1812 and 1816 age 70 to 74 . He married Dirkje Arentze Koppert(or Coppert see note*** below) on November 12 1769 at age 26. Dirkje, age 25 when she married, was Baptized in Naaldwijk on March 29 1744.
From this marriage:
Arendje, Baptized in Naaldwijk on December 24 1769
Arend, Baptized in Naaldwijk on August 30 1772
Johanna, Baptized in Naaldwijk on July 9 1775
Jacob, Baptized in Naaldwijk on July 16 1780.
(Jacob later married Maria Groenewegen on October 9th 1801)

(While reviewing films of old Naaldwijk archive records, the names Koppert, and Klapwijk appeared many times as witnesses on official van Wingerden documents well into the eighteen hundreds indicating close relations between these families).

Note. (The name van Wingerden can not be found in the area prior to 1759, but the following information matches the birth date of Dirk van Wingerden, but with last name listed as "van Wijngaarden" see**)

Jacobus Jansz van Wijngaarden, married Sara Dirkse van Vliet in Naaldwijk on October 30 1740 in the Dutch Reformed Church.
From this marriage:
Jan, Baptized in Naaldwijk on April 30 1741
Dirk Baptized in Naaldwijk on December 9 1742**
Thijs, Baptized in Naaldwijk on January 17 1745
Maria, Baptized in Naaldwijk on January 9 1746
Magdalena, Baptized in Naaldwijk on February 17 1754.

*****March 1, 1998*****

When Jan listed above, was baptized on April 30 1741, the witness listed was a Machteltje Pietersdr van Straalen! I was wondering who she was! Well, come to find out that she was Jan's and his brothers and sisters GRANDMOTHER! She was married to Jan's Grandfather who's name I learned was, Jan Jacobsz van Wijngaarden! They were married in Naaldwijk before the Church on 6 Apr 1710. And they had one son named Jacobus Jansz born also in 1710.
So now we know of another generation and have to start searching in the year...............1600! That's it for now !

Keep checking back for updates!

Info.! You may notice given names that end in DR or SZ Example, Jan Jacobsz, or, Machteltje Pietersdr. That indicates, son or daughter!
Jan was the son of Jacob, and Machteltje the daughter of Pieter!

*****August 7, 2000*****
* 8/7/2000*

You may notice that the above date follows the last date of important findings by 2 years and 5 months!!
2 years and 5 months ago my last words were, "So now we know of another generation and have to start searching in the year...............1600"!
Yes, it was a frustrating 2 years and 5 months ago that I found, Jan Jacobsz van Wijngaarden and his wife, Machteltje Pietersdr van Straalen, and their only child Jacobus Jansz van Wijngaarden!
But, on Agust 7, 2000 I received the following e mail from a stranger;
Hello Jack,
Just last week I found Jan and Machteld in the DTB books of Rijswijk, I think that my ancestor Pieter van Wingerden is his son, it is surely your ancestor..... It was signed Frans van den Akker. Yes it was my ancestor, yes Pieter was Frans's ancestor, and the lonely, only child Jacobus Jansz van Wijngaarden, suddenly had 2 brothers and 5 sisters. Cornelis-1712, Maria-1713, Pieter-1720, Marija-1722, Trijntje-1725, Elisabeth-1727, Catharijna-1729, An other child, Haasje-1731 was found later baptized in Voorburg.
Wel Frans is no longer a stranger (he is family), and together we are finding many possibilities of more generations.
Gezinsreconstructies van Wingerden in Zuid-Holland voor 1811 door Frans van den Akker.

Well, again this is it for now, but hopefully not for another 2 and a half years!

*****January 1, 2012*****

In general, "The detective story started on May 14, 1997, is pretty well at a standstill around 1650 except for minor details that have yet to be found!
I suggest, that you look at my other genealogy pages where details will be updated as new information is discovered.

Anyone with any suggestions, comments or additional information, please e-mail me


All records located in LDS films have been photocopied by me!

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