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square5.gifJAZZ STYLES!
A Jazz Improvisation Almanac!
Purpose of the Almanac This program is designed to serve two complementary purposes: to help the performer play jazz more effectively, and also to help the listener to better understand the performance of jazz.
square5.gifHi welcome to Dixieland Jazz ! If you're an aspiring student of Dixieland jazz the pages around here should interest you. It's all about how jazz is played.
square5.gifThe San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation (SFTJF) "The San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation (SFTJF) endorses and supports high quality traditional jazz through events, recordings, an historical archive, and publications including a quarterly newsletter," The Frisco Cricket.
square5.gifA Passion 4 Jazz MUSIC, HISTORY & EDUCATION!
square5.gifThe American Rag online!

Be sure and see,World of Festival Listings!(and Jazz Cruises)

We get the American Rag and it keeps us up on what is going on with the many bands and people we know!
square5.gifA History of Jazz Jazz Styles!
square5.gif1054.gif "I'll play it and tell you what it is later" --Miles Davis--
square5.gif"Trad. Jazz Radio" I invite you to tune in to my internet radio station. It is free to listen to and the music is both hot and happy! Although Traditional Jazz still has a very strong following at concerts, clubs and festivals all over Europe, it is simply not getting enough media exposure. Trad. Jazz Radio is my personal response to this. This is a real labour of love for me. If you can support my initiative I offer extremely affordable advertising for bands, clubs and festivals by producing an audio advert for you that airs about eight times a day. If you simply would like your CD played, I am pleased to do that for you, free of charge. If you are a listener and would like to send a donation, click on the button below. Sponsorship helps pay the yearly Live365 license. Contact me at tradjazzradio@seanmoyses.com .
square5.gifGeoff Boxell's Home Page
(From New Zealand)
Geoff's page has the current Lake Records catalogue, and lots of CD reviews . Also, VERY interesting information about Trad Jazz!
(Check all his other interesting information ,and don't forget the"Whippets")!
square5.gifClick below for information!
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Jazz Festival.
AFCDJS P.O. Box 880387
San Diego, California 92168-0387
(619) 297-5277
Please do not hesitate to e-mail them for information!
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