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Posted February/19/2013
For several reasons, there has not been any updating of this page since, August of last year!eib1.gif
Hopefully just saying,
Moving, Adjusting, A few problems, Computer crashing, A new computer with Windows 8,
should be enough said??

I will be doing a bit of clean-up and will start adding things very shortly,

Posted April/15/2013
HERE WE GO AGAIN..... with some new stuff below!

So where did Evelyn and I go for our 50th wedding anniversary??
Disney anniversary.jpg
Disneyland of course!!
Where we met and celebrated with(and listened to),
our friends "The Ellis Island Boys" !

Better known to most of us as,Nathan Ketner(Reeds),Ralf Reynolds(Washboard),Katie Cavera (String Bass)and John Reynolds (National Guitar, banjo)!

A fun day there , try it you will like it:-)
Posted August/5/2012
A fun Sunday at!
In Fullerton!
Who was there?
Here are some pictures and their future schedule
IMG_6397.JPG  IMG_6407.JPG
**Steamers,714 871-8800**
**Steamers Cafe 138 West Commonwealth Ave. Fullerton,CA 92832**
**GEJB Schedule Update 626 799-1761-E-mail: **
Posted August/2/2012
We are back!!!

On June 14th I said,"We have moved from San Diego to Orange County, therefore the lack of new information on this page!Will be back on line soon with updated info!"
Without going in too much detail, I will just say , we have had an interesting time since we decided to sell our house 5 months ago, and move 100 miles North, closer to other family members!
So now it is August 2nd and here we are finally settled in and able to enjoy life and talk about Dixieland Jazz again! Last year October we signed up for a combination Alaska cruise/Olympia-Lacey Jazz Festival in June of 2012, with ,
Jazzdagen.gif - 6848 Bytes
As we have experienced many times, everything was superbly arranged by Alida Meijers and great staff!
Being entertained by,High Sierra J.B.,The St. Louis Rivermen, and last but certainly not least ,Yves Evans, and traveling and having dinner with these people on the cruise is an experience you won't forget! You really get to know these great entertaining artists on these cruises!
It is my understanding that Jazzdagen will again offer this Cruise/Lacey combination in June 2013, so check with them and get started for next June!
You won't regret it!

Click the Alaska Welcome sign below for a slide show of our trip!!(lots of pictures)
And then call Jazzdagen for next year details.
Boy did we need this vacation after the turmoil, first with Cox Communications abruptly terminating our web space and then 5 months of self inflicted moving pains!
But, glad to be back and functioning again!

Till next,

Posted JUNE 14 2012!
We have moved from San Diego to Orange County, therefore the lack of new information on this page!!
Will be back on line soon with updated info
Posted 12/20/2011
I will be reporting on the San Diego Thanksgiving Festival shortly!
My whole website was located at space provided by Cox who with very short notice pulled the plug on that space! So I had to scramble to relocate! You will now find me at
Sorry about the delay,will get back to you soon,
I get a lot of inquiries lately about "The Honeybucket" in Costa Mesa in the 1950ties!
Does anybody have any pictures or stories you could send me?


The"32nd San Diego
"Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival"!
It was great as always!

Check for the 2012 festival Here
See a slide show of pictures I took of the 2008 San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival.
It will give you a good idea of what you do not want to miss!
Click here !

Posted 8/27/2011
A very sad note.
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/26/2011


Alan Adams,longtime head of local jazz society, dies at 74
Alan Adams

As a professional jazz musician since his teens, Alan Adams had his share of challenging jobs. He once worked with a band leader who sang everything in the key of E flat.
On another assignment, he performed outdoors from 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. for people waiting in line to put in a bid on new homes.
Among his more enjoyable and long lasting gigs was that of chairman and executive director of America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society, or AFCDJS.
For more than 30 years, the group has hosted the annual San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival, a five-day showcase of soloists, groups and bands at the Town and Country Resort Hotel in Mission Valley.
More people referred to it as often as not as the "Al Adams Festival," said Hal Smith, former assistant director of the festival. He was results oriented, businesslike, very focused on making things work at the festival.
Mr. Adams died of oral cancer Aug. 12 at his home in Clairemont. He was 74.
At the helm of AFCDJS for 37 years, Mr. Adams also directed and taught at the society's Adult Trad Jazz Camp, and founded its Jazz Educators Foundation.
To boost membership, he initiated monthly workshops and concert-dances at various venues around town, which helped the society maintain between 1,000 and 1,300 members for the past 20 years.
Alan Dan Adams was born March 9, 1937, in Howell, Mich., the eldest of two to musical parents Ledyard Adams and Hilma Iseberg Adams. After learning the piano and cornet, he started playing the trombone in eighth grade and got his first paying gig at 14, performing with a concertina, drum, and guitar in the basement of a Catholic club.
He enlisted in the Navy in 1956 and was an instructor at the pilot training center in Pensacola, Fla. Before retiring in 1986, he specialized in electronics and taught at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, R.I., at the fleet training center in Long Beach, and at the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center in San Diego.
Mr. Adams belonged to numerous jazz groups including the Frisco Syncopators, Red Pepper Jazz Band, Uptown Lowdown, and the Yerba Buena Stompers. He also led the New Orleans Wanderers and the Mississippi Dixie Jazz Band, and performed each year with the Dixie Hasslers at the San Diego County Fair and at the Del Mar Race Track.
For 17 years, Mr. Adams hosted "The Dixie Hour" on Jazz 88 KSDS-FM radio.
He was also a past president of the International Festival Association.
Mr. Adams is survived by his wife of 38 years, the former Joan Mongeon, of Clairemont; sons Ed of Clairemont and Bill of Oceanside; sister Virginia Wilson of Point Loma; and five grandchildren. He was predeceased by sons Robert and Gary.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations in Mr. Adams' memory to the Jazz Educators Foundation of the America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society at
Written by Caroline Dipping 2:04 p.m., Aug. 24, 2011.; (619) 293-2823

Orange County Classic Jazz festival!

orangecountyjazz.jpg - 68931 Bytes
This Festival is NO MORE!
Darn it!

I know!!!!
I have not done any updating of this page lately!
But then, there has not been much going on!!
Except of course the wonderful monthly Trad jazz concerts at the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego presented by,AMERICA'S FINEST CITY DIXIELAND JAZZ SOCIETY!

This last Sunday was extra special,because the singer with the Band "The South Bay Ramblers" was celebrating her birthday! There were birthday cakes,and besides singing, this singer was dancing all over the place being constantly asked, and being small in stature, she had shoes with estimated 3-4 inch heels! You may say , "what is so unusual about all that"??

*South Bay B.jpg**South Bay A.jpg**South Bay C.jpg*
Pictures provided by Myrna Goodwin,Secretary AFCDJS.
"Chick Singer" Mary Barton turned 99 this month!
She plans on celebrating every day this year!
Happy Birthday Mary!

Although my website gets many views each week,I don't get many comments in my Guest book, but enjoy the ones I do get!
Here is one I think is very enjoyable because of what we may hear and see in the future!
Name: John B Pohlman
How did you find my website? : Google
Your location? : Vista, California
Comments: I love traditional jazz! I was a classical trumpet player, who got invited by an old high school chum to go listen to his band in Los Angeles. Well, just one evening and I was hooked. I joined that band two weeks later, and they were called the Dixieland Dandies. This was in 1956. The band name got changed in 1957 to the South Frisco Jazz Band and we started playing regularly at the Rouge et Noir in Seal Beach; followed by the Honeybucket in Costa Mesa, plus many outside venues. It was so fun! But, life, work, children, etc. got in the way and so for 49 years I did not play, until my wife gave me this last Christmas, a 1921 Conn Victor 80A cornet and well, here I go again. Hope to join or form a Trad Band in late 2011. Glad I found your website.

**Web-page owner's note: "I remember the Honeybucket very well, John, since Evelyn and I went there on our first date in 1963 and I am sure that many Trad Jazz fans will look forward to hearing that 1921 Conn Victor cornet(and you) in the future!
If you like to get in touch with John Pohlman,e-mail him (click here/emailed.gif)

I know,
I have not done any updating of this page lately!
But then, there has not been much going on since our "Jazzdagen" cruise in March of this year.
we just returned from Costa Mesa and the,
Orange County Classic Jazz festival!

orangecountyjazz.jpg - 68931 Bytes
As always, we had a great time, met lots of our Jazz festival friends and heard a great lineup of bands. After doing this for 11 years, the organizers have this festival perfected and the Hilton hotel knows how to please the Trad. Jazz lovers.
So it was a great 4 days.
Thanks to all involved!
Besides meeting old friends (better said, "friends we have known a long time" through jazz festivals), we also met some long time Jazz friends we had never met. I better explain this! Sitting near us was Cam Miller, a friend we never met, but a friend because of reading his many contributions to the,

Amrag.gif - 10149 Bytes

A little later we met Don Jones who not only contributes to the American Rag, but he is also the Owner/Publisher/editor! Both these people have been considered "friends" because they kept us informed about what is going on in the Trad. Jazz world! It was a pleasure to finally meet them.
Should you not be familiar with the American Rag, click the above logo and sign up.
Also, click the Orange County Classic Jazz Logo to see the great lineup for August 2011!
On, 8/15/2009, I said,

Join us on a "FUN" cruise!
After being on several "Jazz Cruises" through, "Jazzdagen"we are again tempted and are signing up for the,
12 day Sea of Cortez cruise leaving March 26 2010 from San Diego and returning there on April 6!
These cruises are superbly arranged by Alida Meijers and staff and loads of fun is provided by the various bands and musicians!
Never a dull moment on these cruises!
Click Logo
Jazzdagen.gif - 6848 Bytes
for info on this and other cruises!

So, Join us!!!
Well, it is now April 7, 2010,
and we are back home after that cruise!

on the,


Did we have fun??
You bet we did!
Did any others join us??
How about approximately 298 did!
The Jazz part of the cruise by "Jazzdagen crew", was as always superbly performed, and Holland America Line was great providing the food,transportation and additional entertainment + side trips! I am working on 1100 pictures, so as soon as I can finish working them I will post below where you can see them! If there are pictures you would like to have e-mailed to you, I will tell you how to get them!
For your future info, if you point at the " Our jazz pages" in the blue thingy that follows you down from the top of the page, you can click on the picture page where you can see other Jazz pictures and slide shows I have taken in the past!

Well, out of the 1100+ pictures, there are 670 left for you to look at!
After 10 days of struggling, below are the links to 9 slide-shows where you can find those pictures.
With these pictures I try to tell a story, show what you may have missed and include as many of you in these pictures as I could! Some pictures were taken while most passengers were still sleeping in.
You may not want to look at all of them in one sitting like I had to do, so put my website in your favorites and then come back when you feel like it!
Here are a few handy instructions!
When you click on one of the 9 links below, you will end up on a picture page. When you are there, click the F11 key on your key board which will give you a full screen view!
(don't forget to reverse that when you are through later by again hitting the F11)
Next find SLIDE SHOW (right side above the pictures) and click it then sit back and hopefully enjoy! If you want to get back to my web page after the slide show is finished, click the back arrow on your browser twice!
Also, if you want a picture, point at it on that first page and it will tell you it's number, give me that "IMG" number and Slide show # and I will e-mail the picture to you!
Have some fun, play with the buttons make comments under the pictures as they will be read by others , so don't just sit there, participate!
If you have any problems or questions, email me, at /emailed.gif
and also sign my Guest book please!!

Zaandam Slide show #1-March 26 and March 27----43 pictures. Click Here
Zaandam Slide show #2-March 28----68 pictures. Click Here
Zaandam Slide show #3-March 29 and March 30----75 pictures Click Here
Zaandam Slide show #4-March 31----87 pictures Click Here
Zaandam Slide show #5-April 1----97 pictures Click Here
Zaandam Slide show #6-April 2----72 pictures Click Here
Zaandam Slide show #7-April 3----134 pictures Click Here
Zaandam Slide show #8-April 4 and 5----66 pictures Click Here
Zaandam sideshow #9-April 6----34 pictures Click Here
Between my pictures I mentioned the Zaandam Sea of Cortez video that I bought before leaving the ship!
I think it is great and many of our JAZZ group can be seen participating in the shore excursions!
Should any of you like to purchase that Holland America Line video, they can contact, Ocean Images c/o Shoreside Florida, Inc. 13762 W. State Road 84 #602 Davie, FL 33325 Phone: 866-866-9119,
or Email: Deborah Cahill Customer Care Representative Ocean Images, at for information.


Orange County Classic Jazz festival!

We just returned from the,Orange County Classic Jazz Festival in Costa Mesa California!

orangecountyjazz.jpg - 68931 Bytes
and had a wonderful time!

It is always a great festival but this one was outstanding!
Congratulations to the organizers, the volunteers, the many great bands,
and the large audience who was smart enough to be there!
Sunday June 21 2009!
Whoopee it is Summer, and Happy Fathers day!!

You may have noticed (or not), that I don't write much about anything unless I have something I really " LIKE" ,
and feel like saying something about it ?
This is my web page and my prerogative to do so!eib8.gif
But a couple of things have recently really made my day, so I will talk about that,.... OK???

First, we went to San Clemente to the always wonderful small festival by the Rotary club and the city !
Great as always,and thanks to Stone Brewery, in Escondido Great beer that they donated to raise funds!
Also the local wrestling club did a great job providing outstanding food!
A fun! fun! day!

Well, we drove to Fresno, had a great time, and drove home through rain and snow!
This is such a nice friendly festival giving you a feeling of a big family reunion! The Radisson Hotel where the festival is held each year, goes out of its way to allow the place to become a "Mardi Gras fun location to be"! Many "non Dixieland" people we talked to commented on the general pleasant atmosphere through out! Also the employees were seen humming along with the music while efficiently performing their duties!
A fun atmosphere, great music and every one seemed happy!
But, don't take my word for it, see for yourself!
I have ALL204 unedited pictures located at Shutterfly! You can look at them there, I think you can order prints there (if you like), but if you don't want to do that, e-mail me the jpg number and I will send it (or them) to you!
Click on view album and either just look at the pictures or click on slide show!
Start here to Shutterfly!


The"29th San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival"

Having attended the San Diego Thanksgiving Jazz Festival since 1983, I never took a camera because I just wanted to simply enjoy this great Festival, the happy music, and relax at this time of the year.
In the past I have done some picture programs at some of the other festivals that we attended once or twice over the years, and I felt that not writing about, and not having a picture program about, one of our most favorite Festivals, near to where we live, might be questioned by Jazz Fans who know us!
They have .....!
So this time I took my camera and am sure I annoyed a number of people with it.
Besides taking pictures, I make mental and written notes of things to later comment on and using a camera gives me ideas and records special happenings that otherwise are soon forgotten! But it is work. So, if the pictures along with my comments about this San Diego Festival and other festivals helps remind people that weren't there, what they are missing,
I feel I have succeeded in doing my part in,
"Doing our share to help keep Traditional Jazz alive"
Comments on the pictures and below are my individual view and opinion, but I am almost certain that 99.9% of the many people that were there last week will agree that, it was outstanding!
The weather except for a bit of rain before, and some early morning fog during, was as always exceptional!
The Festival itself showed the experience of the many years of organizing this event ! Flawless sound systems, knowledgeable volunteers who know the ropes, the noticeable interaction of cooperation between the Festival organizers and the staff of the hosting facility "The Town and Country Hotel Resort and Convention Center"!
In all the venues, the space between the rows of chairs was wide enough to stretch your legs and people to walk through without stepping on your toes! Great feature!
Fine and reasonable priced food and refreshments were available throughout the facility.
Also, a major shopping mall and restaurants all within walking distance! Like I say on one of the pictures,
"Park your car for 5 days"!
Before concluding my comments, let me not forget the outstanding Thanksgiving Dinner presented by the Town and Country! For all these years now I have each time been amazed at how delicious and attractive this dinner is presented!
And last, but certainly not least, the great lineup of entertainment each year and hopefully for many years to come!
Will you blame me next year, if again, I will not bring my camera and just sit and relax and enjoy this super Festival?
Click here for my slide show!

If you want a copy of a picture e-mail me the jpg number!

If you like, you can also see all 171 unedited pictures I took!
Once there, click on "view album" and than "Play slide show"!
Start here to Shutterfly!
I will try to install a buzzer to wake you up in an hour or so!eib4.gif

Click above logo to see the AFCDJS Website!
And become a member!

Arizona Classic Jazz Festival.

Just returned from beautiful Chandler Arizona and the Classical Jazz Festival!

As has been my pleasure to do , I took some pictures, (257), eliminated 56 and created a slide show with 75 of the better ones!
The 75 picture slide show gives a pretty good overview of the festival so I won't have to go into a lengthy report!
I will say this though, the weather was nice, the festival it self extremely well organized and pleasant, a great entertainment line up, great service by the employees of the Crown Plaza San Marcos, and compared to some festivals, reasonable charges for excellent food and refreshments!
I guess I could just have said "everything was great" !
I don't wear one, but if I did I could say "My hat off to Helen Daley and all the super volunteers"!
It was fun , thanks!
Click here for my slide show!
(Use the back arrow on your browser to get back here!)

I also have ALL201 unedited pictures located at Shutterfly! You can look at them there, I think you can order prints there (if you like), but if you don't want to do that, e-mail me the jpg number and I will send it (or them) to you!
Click on view album and either just look at the pictures or click on slide show!
Start here to Shutterfly!

I can not believe that it is almost a month ago that I talked about the Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra
performing at the monthly AFCDJSconcert!
Yesterday we again went to the beautiful Historic San DiegoLafayette Hotel
This month the Great Sounds (and fun) were provide by, one of our most favorite bands The Titanic Jazz Band!
This group of unbelievable professional musicians perform with such ease and greatness that the beat and rhythm makes you worry about the glassware and windows! These guys really were swinging yesterday!
A word about the facility! The location and facility are not only great, but the employees handling the refreshment bar (well stocked) and food and snacks (outstanding)are doing their best to help and please every one thereby making the whole affair even greater!
Thanks to them and Lafayette's Management!
I took my camera yesterday, took some pictures, and I am happy to report that I am getting better at it!
Instead of struggling 3 -4 days uploading unloading and back downloading, it only took me 10 hours to put some pictures together to show!
So, what you should see, hopefully will tell a little story!
A story about ,the facility, the work Al Adams does to have the sound do what it is supposed to do,the hotel employees, the door prizes, the always present AFCDJS volunteers and organizers, and all that resulting in a very happy time for dancers and every one else coming in the door with a smile knowing it is going to be a great afternoon!
After finishing looking at the pictures, use the back arrow on your browser to get back here!
You can also use the F11 key on your keyboard to see the picture full screen.
On Sunday September 21, we attended the monthly AFCDJS concert program in San Diego!
These monthly concerts arranged by the American Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society are held at the historic Lafayette Hotel!
It is an event we always look forward to ,we enjoy watching the dancers on the large dance floor and listening to an afternoon of great "happy" music.
This month,the music was to be provided by the,Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra!
This was the first time for us to see or hear them and the afternoon was an absolute delight!
There were also some dancers from the San Diego Vintage Dance Society which further added to the 1920ties atmosphere!
Besides performing that day, the orchestra members were celebrating the release of their new Stomp Off CD
This is their 2nd, the first CD was "It's a Bear!" also Stomp Off!
You can hear some Heliotrope Orchestra excerpts on this page of the Stomp Off website where you can also buy this delightful music!
We thoroughly enjoyed their(just purchased) newest CD playing in the car as we drove away from The Lafayette at 4PM after a fun filled afternoon!
(You can see and read more about them on my Band Links Page!)


Just returned from attending the,

orangecountyjazz.jpg - 68931 Bytes
Orange County Classic Jazz Festival in Costa Mesa California!
The arrangement were as always outstanding and so was the band lineup!
We met with many friends from past festivals and also met many new people.
Although I didn't't take any pictures this time, you can get a good Idea how great this festival is by looking at my pictures from 4 years ago. Find them somewhere below !
Check out next years program by clicking picture above!

Happy 13th of May and a belated Happy Mothers day!
In a recent Guest book entry and some recent conversations I have been accused (be it in a nice way), of not doing my job!
In Part the entry in my Guest book says, we need some updates on this page... Right??????
(You know who you are that said that!)
Hmmff, ok already!

So here is the requested "update" but read on further below about "Mothers day"
and Dixieland Jazz in Beautiful San Clemente!

"UP DATE", Well, we went to the
Fresno Sounds of Mardi Gras

February 7-11 and as always the Fresno Dixieland Society Organizers and Volunteers did their flawless-outstanding job they are known for!
The Band lineup is always great.
If you haven't been to one of these you missed a GREAT festival held at the Radisson Hotel.
But there is next year we hope!

Next we attended JAZZAFAIR 2008 in Three Rivers California, wonderful as always but different for us! In the past (24 years) we had our Alpenlite Fifthwheel trailer to go there, but now trailerless, we Motelled it! Still great but not quite what we have been used to for years. Great band lineup as always and a new great band first time on the West Coast named, Barbary Coast from Saint Paul Minnesota.
About the Three Rivers Jazzaffair in general there is nothing I can add to anything I have said in the past, or anything to the pictures that you can look up further below in this page!
jazzaffair.gifClick for Jazzaffair 2009!jazzaffair.gif

Yesterday we came home after an absolute Lovely weekend.
For one thing, celebrating Mothers day on Sunday, but also attending a GREAT two day Jazz Festival held on May 9 and 10!
Every year, the San Clemente Rotary in conjunction with the City hosts the Dixieland Jazz Festival to raise funds for local charities and scholarships. With an all-star lineup of some of the best Dixieland Jazz Bands this Dixieland Jazz By the Sea festival is a "must" for any jazz lover!
Here is how it went:
We arrive on Friday at the motel who also sponsors the event (and has special Jazz rates), and we spend the evening at our most favorite hangout Fishermans Restaurant and Bar on the right side of the pier.
who is also a sponsor of the festival!
Fishermans website.
They are located on both sides of the pier and built over the beach and the surf! A Lovely place to spend an evening! We also go there on Sunday morning to get-together with our Daughter,Son in Law, and Grandson who live in Orange County to celebrate Mothers day on the left side of the pier where they serve a super brunch!
Now about the Jazz by the Sea Festival!
It is great, cozy, well organized, great reasonable priced food, and excellent venues in 3 rooms and the bands and sound system are excellent!
Besides the many excellent Jazz Bands that we have known for years, there was in the lineup, a band I had not heard of before (I thought)
The name of the Band sounded familiar but didnt register with me at that moment.
Here is why:
A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from someone I didn't know asking the following question-
Hello: What would it take to get our picture and band on your advertising page of bands. Our web site is: Many Thanks, Mike Olson
I answered Mike saying it would take either $10.000 or an entry in My Guest book, his choice, (why doesn't anybody sign my guest book unless I threaten them?),he chose to sign my guest book, but his Band picture was already installed on my page by then anyway.(no charge of course)
So sitting at the festival, the band name sounded familiar and half way into the set it finally dawned on me why!
Looking at the picture on the program and at the band in front I saw, playing the clarinet, the above mentioned Mike Olson!
The only reason I went through this lengthy explanation is that in my humble opinion this J.B. is made up of a group of OUTSTANDING musicians and in my opinion a super-super sounding band! But judge for your self, my prediction is that they will be everywhere soon!
So Mike and gang, here again is your picture!
Hope to see you again soon!

From Arcadia California!

Click picture to go to their web site.

Being fond of wine, I pronounced their name like the wine but it is Burgundy! :-)


October 5th 2007
Great news for all of us who loved to see and hear
To order the DVD below,
E-mail Dick Shooshan!,

Or click here to do so !

Scan245-2.jpg - 37660 Bytes

Just came home from our "Jazzdagen"November 26 through December 11 Hawaii cruise on Holland America's
Ms Zaandam!
Based on past experience with Jazzdagen tours, we had high expectations and we were not disappointed this time around either since everything again went great.
Check-in at the San Diego cruise ship terminal went like well oiled clock work and we were having lunch on the ship about half an hour after arrival at the terminal on Sunday the 26th of November.
By the time the ship left shortly after 5PM, we were unpacked and settled in for the first musical performance of the
High Sierra Jazz Band.
Sunday the 26th through Thursday the 30th was spent "Cruising the Pacific Ocean" and listening to great music by, High Sierra, Coronet Chop Suey, Paris Washboard and the Jazzdagen All-Stars with Nina Ferro along with other activities presented by Holland America Line.
Friday December 1 through Tuesday December 5th we enjoyed bus tours of the various Hawaiian islands arranged by Jazzdagen giving us a great over-view of Hawaii.
Late Tuesday evening the ship past the Kilauea Volcano showing the impressive hot
lava flow into the ocean, and we were on our way back to San Diego.
Wednesday December 6 through Sunday December 11 we again listened to great music and enjoyed the rest of this well organized cruise and the memories!
All in all it was a great trip with few things that could go wrong quickly handled and corrected, in short it was FUN!
I have about 1000 pictures I have to go through (eliminating many):-) and I will be working with a new program to show them, so be patient and check back to see if they are uploaded yet!
It may take a bit of time!
In the mean time, sign my GUESTBOOK please so I know who was there to see them! Be sure and follow the instructions by scrolling down the page before clicking the sign button.
It certainly has been a pleasure meeting old and new friends and hope some of you will enjoy seeing yourself in some of the pictures!

Click for Guestbook here!
(Use the back arrow on your browser to get back here!)



All of the pictures have been uploaded for viewing!
I suggest you hit the F11 key on your keyboard first,to enlarge your viewing area. You can later reverse that by again hitting the F11 key.
Have fun,

here to take you to the links page where
the Jazzdagen cruise PICTURE SETS are now located!


Click LogoJazzdagen.gif - 6848 Bytesfor info!
It is great fun and superbly arranged.

For the August 2004 Orange County Classic Jazz Festival!
pictures and report click here!


Are you a member of,
America's Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society
San Diego, CA?

If not, become one and click their Logo above for information about them!
Also find out about the famous Thanksgiving Festival!

Click the logo below
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REPORT ON THE 31stJazzaffair

On April 2,3, 4, 2004
What can I say that I haven't said before about this festival?
The weather was beautiful, the food and drink that the Lion's provided was
as great as always, and the music was super!
Several special events we were able to attend were also great.
One in particular, was the Kirk Clague Exeter High Jazz Band!
They did an outstanding job, and it is good to see such a large group of young people not only sounding great but having a good time besides!
It makes you realize that there are a lot of young people with potential to do great things for this country!
Three Rivers also hosted a Car Show in the parking lot of the Village Market. Just a great atmosphere all around!
Check area news and the new Kaweah Kam here!
The Kaweah Commonwealth.

The bands were,
High Sierra,(Host)
Cornet Chop Suey
Tom Hook and Les Chien Noirs with Brady McKay
Night Bloomers
Blue Street
Gator Beat
Titan Hot 7
Uptown Lowdown
Raisin Babies
Papa bear & Co.
(Check their web sites!)
I was happy to hear of several newcomers to the festival because they stumbled on to my Web site on the Internet.
Welcome, the more the merrier!

Yes, if you read this, and have seen this year's and past years reviews and pictures below, it will be difficult for you not to come and see for yourself!.
So have fun looking at the 58 pictures I have posted.
(I had a horrible time getting them there)
Should you want a picture of a particular situation e-mail me.

Click for 2004 Jazzaffair Pictures!

We were unfortunately unable to attend or report on the 2003 festival!

On April 12,13, 14, 2002
Why is the wordJazzaffairso perfect to describe the Three Rivers Festival?

ANSWER!Because it is not just another Trad.jazz festival, it is instead "an Affair" consisting of many many factors blended together!
Sure, the great performances of the various JB's is an important BIG part of the festival, but there are so many other factors that make this festival the AFFAIR it is.
In the 17 years we have attended each year had it's unique character.
Last year and some other years it included weather we don't easily forget, but this year it could not have been better!
Besides Jazz, the affair includes the people you meet and see year after year, the beauty of the area, the sound of the frogs and peepers in the early evening,the birds soaring overhead, the hard work of all the volunteers who make this happen, the wildlife you can spot, the wildflowers and blooming trees, the fresh air, the cute shops like, The Dolls Nest and the great restaurants downtown Three Rivers, and of course the great and entertaining work of the Band members who wear them self out trying to please everyone with their music and fun things.
I could probably go on finding many other facts that make the Three Rivers Festival such a great AFFAIR!.
But instead, I took some pictures that I think will give someone who has never been to this festival a pretty good idea of what they have been missing!
Sure, I can't provide the sounds of the birds, the aroma of beans cooking to perfection starting as early as 8 am, or the barbecues and flowering bushes and trees, but I hope you get the idea and come to see for yourself!
Click for 2004 Pictures!

Have fun!

On April 6,7, 8, 2001
Gosh, were do we start?
As reported in prior festival reports, (still listed below, in case you didn't read them,)
Three Rivers easily qualifies as one of the most beautiful places to hold a Jazz Festival!
Not only that, but the preparations by the STJC, for this event, (in my opinion,)
were outstanding!
Additionally, the Three Rivers Lions Club and the Community of Three Rivers and their volunteers again showed their capability of making their visitors feel welcome!

After 19 years of attending this festival in our Fifth wheel, Evelyn and I are equipped for pretty near any kind of conditions. (So we thought!) :-) We have thermal underwear, boots, sweat suits, umbrellas, rain gear, bailing buckets, emergency rations, extra blankets and many other handy gadgets.
Well, we used almost all of them!
The weather forecast we knew was for RAIN, but 3 1/2 inches in one day??
All areas of traffic became mud, the roping area where cars are normally parked was closed so it wouldn't be ruined, people were slipping and sliding all over, and a few RV's left.
It is my understanding that the new tent venue became a 4th river for a while!
(The ever able Lions came to the rescue to dig ditches around the tent).
But, the Bands played on, and the fans kept coming and stayed to hear the great music they played until the bitter end. (Which wasn't all that bitter really.)
The Lions club members assisted with their reasonably priced bar, good food and hot drinks.
Indeed the weather didn't cooperate on Saturday, but Sunday was fine!
In all the years we have been there, this was only the 3rd or 4th time that the weather did not completely cooperate but, for all those years Three Rivers has has provided us with its own special beauty!

While in Three rivers, we always like to see the local shops and have an outstanding lunch at our favorite restaurant, The Gateway! We thought we had seen most of the shops in town until we visited
"The Doll Nest"! What a superb surprise! Hundreds and hundreds of Russian and other nesting dolls, unique statues, little fountains etc. The place is owned by two sisters, Berta Geertsen and Marilyn Mitchell. I took a few pictures there, check them out and see if you don't agree that the display is awesome!

The Scheduled Bands, listed in alphabetical order,
(certainly not in order of greatness as they were all great)!
*Blue Street Jazz Band
*Chicago Six Jazz Band
*Gator Beat
*Grand Dominion Jazz Band
*High Sierra (Host Band)
*Jean Kittrell & the St Louis Rivermen
*Night Blooming Jazzmen
*Wooden Nickle Jass Band

**They are all to be complimented for performing like there was no rain, cold, wind or problems!**

Thursday night was the Lions recognition dinner, a pre-Jazzaffair dinner-concert to honor Three Rivers residents for exemplary community service. The music was provided by the High Sierra rhythm section, led by Pieter Meijers with special guests Night Bloomer Chet Yeager and Grand Dominion's Jimmy Armstrong. Great combination. Now lets go to the important stuff,
There really isn't much I can add to what I have already said about them somewhere else below in this page, except they were all great!
I will however comment on some observations at this festival.
* Blue Street Jazz Band
The old Band members are always great, but what about those young ones????
What talent! Both the Jason's, Nathan and Bobby, are outstanding.... and so young!
There is a future through them for this great music, and to paraphrase Dave Ruffner, we should listen to their interpretation of this music (with pleasure Dave) and they will play it also the way we are used to hearing it!
"That's the way it works" according to Dave! You are so right!
Super great JB.
*Chicago Six Jazz Band
What can you say that hasn't been said already about them? Great music and Bob Finch's jokes are improving!
*Gator Beat
Something refreshingly new to add to the Jazz fest we have been used to. They combine Cajun, Zydeco and New Orleans funk rhythms making the joint, (tent or Lion's building) jump with a beat that bites!
Great group of people that really know how to play this exciting sound.
*Grand Dominion Jazz Band
Always great, although we will miss seeing and hearing Mike Fay with the Golden Eagles as he is now a permanent member of Grand Dominion he told me.
*High Sierra Jazz Band
Better and better all the time! (if that is possible.) Love their CD with the picture of Pieter and Bryan tied up for the time being!
*Jean Kittrell & the St Louis Rivermen
Always great, always entertaining and what a great Lady she is! "Red" Lehr the Sousaphone player is pretty amazing and funny too! *Night Blooming Jazzmen
A new face among them.. Can you really play two saxophones at the same time? I guess Jim Richardson can! *Wooden Nickle Jass Band
I have said so many nice things about them in past reports that are listed somewhere below, that adding more compliments might go to their heads! I will say this though,Brady and Bonnie are sure great!
Last but not least, outstanding performance by David Hull throughout the festival!

I get many e-mails requesting information on where to buy High Sierra JB tapes and CD's and since there is no Web site for the Three Rivers Jazzaffair that I know of, I suggest you call,
(559) 561 4549
(559) 561 4418
for information.
Their mailing address is, Sierra Traditional Jazz Club. PO Box 712,
Three Rivers, CA 93271-0712.
Also,High Sierra JB. has a new web site!


As the date above indicates, it is now May 24th, and I am going to talk about a great Jazz festival we attended!....
....Which was, the 26th Jazzaffair held in the "Land of Giants", Gateway to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks,....Three Rivers California on April 9/10/11/99.
Yes I know, it was well over a month ago, so why so late talking about it?
Well, we just got home from there, (200 miles), which fact prompted Bob Williams from the great Wooden Nickel Jass Band to comment in an email,.... "My, you sure drive slowly!"
No Bob, we were in Three Rivers in our Alpenlite fifthwheel trailer, and from there we went to Oregon and places in between and now 3000 miles later we are home!
But no matter the delay, the festival and the great lineup of bands is well worth talking about anytime, so here goes!
As we have for the last 15 years, we parked our trailer in the Lions Roping arena 3 day's before the festival and watched over 100 other rv'ers-jazz lovers do the same! We have encountered all kinds of weather there over the years, rain , wind, beautiful spring weather etc. but never has it been as cold as it was this year. We had lots of warm things like thermals and stuff, but we felt sorry for the performers who dressed for the stage! Like Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen commented, "It was warmer in St. Louis when we left!"
But they all did great!
While on the subject of Jean Kittrell and her band, we have always loved her performances and we have heard about the sad and great happenings in her life. This time, after their Sunday morning "Gospel" performance (which was full of Jean Kittrell humor), I had a chance to talk to her about an email I had received over a year ago from a friend of her who's name I couldn't recall. She knew exactly who it was and remembered the message! No matter how busy or involved she is at the time you talk to her, her focus is on you and on what you are saying!
What a great wonderful Lady and performer!
We enjoyed the performance of all the members and in particular, David "Red" Lehr who does things with his sousaphone that can't really be done! In addition to the above, the rest of the line up was the usual "Three Rivers" great!
First of, of course the Host Band , the always great High Sierra J. B.! They were even Greater this year due to the addition of two new members. (Well New they are not actually, they are well used in the Trad circles), or should I say sort of old:-)? Whatever they may be called, they are a great addition! First ,due to the retirement of leader Al Smith, the Coronet was replaced by a new leader, named Pieter Meijers and I don't have to tell you how great he is on reeds! He is also the one who sings in Dutch,.. " Louise zit niet op je nagels te bijten,- BAH wat vies Louise. Met al dat gebijt gaan je nagels verslijten, -Bah wat vies Louise. En als ik dat maar geweten had, had ik het toch maar nooit gedaan jabadaba" ......etc, etc! Easy for him to say!! :-) He certainly has added great sound besides Ice Cream! The other great of course is Bryan Shaw - Trumpet. I remember him playing in Newport Beach years ago at a brunch on Sunday morning in a fancy hotel with Chuck Anderson on trombone and Brian was always sleep walking that early in the morning but of course he didn't miss a note!
Yes, this Band is certainly great and now even greater!
Next listed in the line up, Clint Baker's New Orleans J.B. Is there any instrument Clint doesn't play? Fun group of great musicians!
Then there was the Crazy Rhythm Hot Society with of course Miss Kelley Foster! Super roaring 20's Band!
"Prime time with Jan Sutherland". What can you say other than dynamic? Have you ever heard her sing, (no, belt) the Menopause Blues?
Going on with the line up, St. John River Boat Band a fun group from Visalia that started as a youth band at the College of the Sequoias.
Next 10TH avenue J.B, this band plays"hot and cool jazz from the 21st Century" and just look at the talent in this band to know they are good!
Wooden Nickel Jass Band! What can I say to add to what I said 2 years ago somewhere below in this page!
There really is not much praise I should add! I know Brady and Bonny can handle it but I am not so sure about the guys, it may go to their heads! Brady was great as ever in spite of the cold weather, and boy was Bonnie ever grumpy at 10 am Sunday Morning! Didn't affect her piano playing though! All kidding aside, this band gets better and better all the time!
Yankee Wailers J.B.As many, many times we have seen them, it is always a joy to see and hear them again!
Last but in no way least, Hull's Angels, What a bunch of great young people! I talked about them also 2 years ago, and this year again they amazed us with their poise, showmanship and ability to play great music. There were some new faces from two years ago , but the older ones help the newer ones toward greatness.
Ed Hull can be found in the audience somewhere during the performance. The kids don't need him because they learned from a Pro!
Thanks Ed, great show!
Of course we bought their latest CD which is pictured below.
I tried to scan their picture from the festival brochure with the new faces in it but I am still having a difficult time with scanning, so when I figure things out , I will insert it.
All in all, it was a great festival.
We got to test the long johns and other cold-wet weather gear us RV'ers carry around with us, and because of the hospitality of the Three Rivers Lions Club, their barbecues and bar facility , and the great music, we didn't worry about a little cold wet weather!
After way too few years of life, and entertaining Jazz fans with her great voice and personality, Chris Norris passed away at a young age, a victim of cancer.
During the short years of her life, Chris sang with the Golden Eagle Jazz Band, who in memory of Chris established a memorial fund for her Daughter, Natalie, now age 6.
Here is the information if you wish to participate.
Today Evelyn and I went to our local Trad. Jazz club's monthly concert!
The band that performed, consisted of 18 musicians and their Director. An unusual number of performers for a Dixieland band, but not unusual for a BIG SOUND band which this was!
Soo outstanding, that Ev and I just had to purchase two of their CD.s to add to our collection!!
The titles, "One more for the road", and "Get it on".
We played part of one on the way home and it was just great! If you get a chance, you should go out and listen to this Band and get their CD's!........The name of the band ???........ Oh, it's Jazz Trax! Once you have seen them you will remember that name!
WHAT IS VERY UNUSUAL,is the fact that these OUTSTANDING musicians are between the ages of 12 and 19!
Yes, two of them turned 18 recently!
These young people are so great and seem to have such a good time doing this, you just shake your head and say "what is this world coming to?"
I'll guarantee you with this group nothing but greatness! Their Director Ricki Pederson, volunteers her time, and told us that the band members started off together when they were young :-) , and wanted to stay together, so they volunteer two nights a week, many many hours , days, weeks, in other words they work very, very hard to be this good!
Well it shows, and this group of young people is in great demand to play at festivals and Cruises etc.
These Guys and Gals are just outstanding, you won't believe your ears!
Check them out and congratulate them and their leader,....after you buy their CD's which is what helps support them!Here is their picture on one of the CD's!
The tunes, Take the 'A' train, Whatever it takes, One for my baby, Kiks"n"Licks, Bella Donna, MoodIndigo, 42ND Street, and 7 more great selections!
I received the following comments in one of my Guest books a few days ago, and I think the subject of these comments is a very worthy one to repeat here! So here it is! Comments: Was surfing for info. on Dixieland Jazz.
Your site is both informative and fun. Was a thrill for me to find mention of Jean Kittrell. Jean has been playing Dixieland around the world since the early 50s (while raising a family, teaching, earning her Ph.D. and eventually heading the English Dept. at Southern Ill. University) and is still going strong!
Last June, in honor of her 70th birthday, she threw a terrific birthday bash for 900 of her friends and fans from around the world.
Of course, Jean's idea of birthday fun is playing jazz - all night long.
The first set was with the incredible Don Franz on banjo, then Jean's Jazz Incredibles trio, followed by her 7-piece group, the St. Louis Rivermen, and ending with her 5-piece ensemble, the Old St. Louis Levee Band.
Besides all the incredible music, the event raised over $11,000 for the Independence Center, a rehabilitation center in the St. Louis area which assists those with serious and persistent mental illnesses in living and working independently and with dignity.
I can't say enough about Jean as a musician, person and friend.
Sheldon Harris' Blues Who's Who (a must for the libraries of all blues and jazz lovers) includes Jean's bio, and while it has not been updated for 20 years, it certainly provides an overview of her commitment to Dixieland Jazz.
Thanks again for your wonderful website!
Linda Claudine, Houston,Texas.  
Adding my comments to that, we saw Jean in Three Rivers, and what an amazing , witty, entertaining and "Great Lady" she is!
She has done so much good for those who are less fortunate, and there is always that sense of humor no matter what, that keeps her and every one around her going!!
Well, that's enough for today!!

We have a new CD you need to check out!!! It's called, Hello Central Get Me................................................................................................ 
Dr. Jazz!
Ours is Autographed by DR Jazz himself, Dr. Thom Mason,DMA.!
Get it ,you'll like it!!
FEATURING, DR JAZZ on reeds of course!
Paul Reid(pianist withNBJ)
Larry Kostka(drummer withNBJ)
John Chiodini (guitarist with Natalie Cole)
Greg Field (drummer with Frank Sinatra)
Tim Emmons (bassist with the Glenn Miller Orchestra)
Mail orders to, Music LTD 3623 Lavell Drive Los Angeles, CA 90065 Phone:(213) 258-7616,..FAX:(213) 258-4322,
Well, that's it for today!!
Thanks to Frank Powers from Cincinnati for signing our Guest book! He said, "I'll be with John Gill's Dixieland Serenaders in Sacramento. Maybe I'll see You there!"
A lovely e-mail arrived from Carol McGiffin, who found our site by,
(in her words)
"I was cruising the Dixieland pages and stumbled onto you!". She also signed our Guest book! Thank you Carol!
To us it was a delight to see and hear Carol for the first time as she performed with the Alamo City JB. at Three Rivers. She will again sing with them during the Alamo City JB. cruise scheduled in November!
There is a new CD about to be released, so watch for it!
We just arrived home, back from Three Rivers (west of Visalia Calif.), parked the fifth wheel, and I am ready to talk about this glorious 24th Annual Three Rivers Jazz affair we just attended!
First of all, the setting of this event at the foot of the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park is beautiful! A valley surrounded by snow covered mountains and green foothills. We and 200 other RVers were parked at the Lion's roping arena, one of the venues.
Just sitting there, watching the hawks circling overhead and the quail running by, makes you say, "What a wonderful world"!
The band lineup was great!
Alamo City Jazz Band
Bob Schulz' Frisco Jazz Band
Blue Street Jazz Band
Catsnjammer Jazz Band High Society Jazz Band
Jean Kittrell & the St. Louis Rivermen
Ray Templins Chicagoans
Wooden Nickel Jass Band
And of course High Sierra Jazz Band
All outstanding in their own individual way!
On Saturday, we watched a special performance by The Raisin Babies, a young Highschool-College aged Band guided by Dave Ruffner( who looked a little nervous when they had not arrived close to starting time) Don't worry Dad, they had things well in hand, started on time and did a GREAT job! Good to see young people interested in carrying on with this great music! They were a pleasure to listen to! ( But than look who is teaching them no wonder they are good)
Evelyn and I and everyone we talked to could not say enough about the special performance on Sunday by, Hull's Angel's from Fresno California
Ed Hull's musicians range in age from 10 to 16, and they are unbelievable! You don't applaud just to be polite and encouraging to a group of kids, you applaud because they are great musicians and performers! They sounded superb, were greatly entertaining, and yes I did have tears in my eyes when they received a deserving standing ovation from all us old folks !
I told Ed Hull I was going to say something in my page, and he said" Put in a good word for them."
How could I say anything but good words Ed?

They are just GREAT!

Of course I had to add to my CD collection, and we played our 4 new additions in our truck's CD player on the way home. 1...Golden Gate Rhythm Machine-I Wonder What's Become Of... Great disk about Sally,Dinah, Kansas city Kitty, Ida,Marie ETC.. 2...Jean Kittrell & The St. Louis Rivermen-Syncopate Yo Papa Entertaining and unique.. 3...The Catsnjammer JB.-Live On The Delta Lots of fun and songs you don't hear all the time...Pink Elephants on the wall?? Another CD purchase was, 4...Wooden Nickel Jass Band- Look Out She's Gonna Blow How can you improve near perfection?
I don't know but they did!
It is like sitting in a concert hall!! If Brady had gotten any closer, I would have lost my grip on the steering wheel! What a voice!
Super CD!
That brings my collection to about 140, and lots of entertainment!

This also is IT for now, if you have any comments or info you would like me to list ,let me know!


Well, enough for now, if you have any interesting, printable, info. let me know!

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